Watercraft Repair - Major Damage

Our colleague will be available for major and minor repairs/mods/restorations to all forms of watercraft - surfski/kayak/SUP/foil/surfboard/jetski etc. regardless of construction (fiberglass/carbon fiber/wooden etc.). Portable craft can be repaired by us "in house", for heavier or larger craft contact us to make arrangements.

Major repairs - holes, punctures, cracks, fractures, delamination etc. 

Personal handover of the boat and presentation of the damage to be repaired is required in all cases. If for some reason you are unable to hand over the boat in person, please contact us before booking an appointment to discuss other options (in this case, please send photos of the damage).

While we are happy to give you a rough estimate for repair costs it is impossible to predict the full extent of what a more major repair might entail. Customer will first be notified if additional labor is required or if price increases due to increased material costs.

We will not perform repair or installation without customer consent.


Dhs. 600.00

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Watercraft Repair - Major Damage
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