Nelo 560 L WWR / SN: 894719 / Demo boat used few times - Red

About The Boat:

PERFORMANCE CRAFT The rules say that typically longer skis go faster but that is, at best, a gross oversimplification. Any naval architect worth his (sea) salt will explain that there are a great many contributing factors, one of which is the slenderness of the hull. Drag is highly dependent on the wetted area of the kayak (Pendergast et al., 2005).

The proof is in the form of the Nelo 560 Ocean Ski. This is a high end racing craft, fabulously manoeuvrable and stable yet able to outpace any competition ski out there. Out-accelerates and out-turns the field.  

  • Boat5.6 x 0.45 m
  • Seat to Footrests: 0.9 - 1.05 m   
  • Stability: 2 
  • Athletes: < 75 Kg      
  • WWR: 12.5 Kg


WWR (Carbon/Kevlar Epoxy Vacuum)

This construction is designed for river descents, marathon training, and sea competition. His main features are: stiffness and impact resistance.

Price includes:

  • plastic footplate and strap
  • 5 lessons (1hr) (if required) subjects:
    • equipment setup
    • paddling technic 
    • wash riding 
    • training and rest strategies, planning  
    • other 
    Dhs. 11,900.00 Dhs. 9,900.00

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    Nelo 560 L WWR / SN: 894719 / Demo boat used few times - Red
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