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Nelo Vanquish L AIR

Boat details: 

Size: L
Construction: AIR
Model: 2020
SN: 894686
Demo boat

THE VANQUISH SURFSKI Normally balance and speed are related: the fastest boat is also more unstable... That was the challenge, having a racing boat that was as fast as the 560 but as stable as the 550. And that is how the Vanquish was born! It has some extra volume on the back in the shape of chimes, and that support makes it super stable and incredibly easy to steer (just with soft touches in the direction pedals) giving it very precise control in every single wave. At the same time, the lift created by the extra volume keeps the wet surface similar to the 560. The Vanquish is made for all those paddlers looking for extra speed and competitiveness but are not ready for the pure racer 560. Available in 3 different sizes: ML (<75Kg), L (75-90Kg) and XXL (>95Kg).

Nelo is a constant innovator, so a test ride is a must.  

  • Boat: 5.6 x 0.45 m
  • Stability: 4
  • Athletes: 75-90 Kg
  • AIR: 8.5 kg


AIR (Ultralight Weight)

Was specifically developed for surfski boats, standing out for being extremely lightweight. It’s especially suited for high performance in all conditions.

Price includes:

  • plastic footplate and strap
  • cover
  • paddle protector 
  • side holders (if required)
  • customized designs (customer needs to provide design)
  • delivery to Dubai UAE
  • 5 lessons (1hr) (if required) subjects:
    • equipment setup
    • paddling technic 
    • wash riding 
    • training and rest strategies, planning  
    • other
Dhs. 16,900.00

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Nelo Vanquish L AIR
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