Braca Canoe 20/21.5 - Adjustable Paddle
Brača Canoe 20 and Brača Canoe 21.5 are an exact copy of the wooden blade paddle (see previous model Brača Canoe Gere). It has the same classic wooden grip, but the carbon fiber blade has higher outer mechanical strength and impact resistance. You can...
Dhs. 2,190.00
Braca Canoe Medium Adjustable Paddle
Brača Canoe Medium is designed with a stabilizing central spline on the blade. It has a specific, non-uniformly distributed catch. This shape allows the paddler to perform the most effective straight strokes (it doesn't 'run aside') and steering against the wind...
Dhs. 2,190.00
Braca Canoe Children Paddle
Brača Canoe Children is an exact copy of the Brača Canoe Uni 2000 with proportionally smaller blade size. The proprietary material characteristics and mechanics of the paddle are specifically designed to fit children's physiology. It enables absorption of impact from each paddle stroke,...
Dhs. 1,550.00

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