Below are some common questions or concerns that of our clients have raised - if you have other questions, please send them to
In a word – no! All of the watersport activities that we undertake are generally very low risk and our staff are properly trained and experienced. Although the ocean is unforgiving of carelessness and neglect, if PaddlersHub rules are followed and sensible precautions are taken you will invariably enjoy your on water experience.
All of our paddling activities generally have a positive effect on health and well being, and even a spill from a surfski in big waves will likely be a lot safer than a minor fall from a bicycle. It is possible, through poor paddling form, to suffer from tightness of neck and shoulders etc. but our trained staff will instruct you in sound technique right from the beginning.
We have classes for children as young as 4.
You don’t need any experience to get started kayaking, and you can easily pick it up.
We are working to establish agreements with partner clubs and schools for reciprocal rights. A list of establishments will eventually be posted here. If you are a club member visiting a location not listed and wish to paddle, contact us and we will do our best to make arrangements for you. Non-members are also very welcome to get in touch with us and we can put you in touch with the right people. Be sure to check out our special Kajner/PaddlersHub Travel Paddle before you fly!
Surfskis have developed through surf life saving in to fast ocean racing craft, and as such have had something of a parallel history to traditional kayaks. Click here to learn more.
There is no maximum age and we have boats suitable for children as young as about 4 years of age, depending on how long their legs are, that are capable of being attached to a full size craft with an instructor or parent aboard.
Yes, we have a limited number of double surfskis and kayaks for club members or hire.
If you are a paddler with some experience and know which type of craft you are comfortable paddling proficiently then you may be asked a few questions or perhaps to demonstrate a remount. New or inexperienced paddlers will be matched with a craft that is suitable and enjoyable and you will receive a thorough briefing.
All required items such as a paddle, PFD (life jacket) and leg leash are provided. Extra equipment such as waterproof walkie talkies, flares, emergency steering bungees, throwing lines etc. are available for hire or purchase. Hats, paddling attire, water bottles and sunscreen are also stocked.

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