Our Vision

A place where kids and adults can come to learn the skills of paddling and a love of the ocean in a safe and secure environment. An area large enough to handle fun holiday camps, high-level international training camps as well as open water swims and other multisport events. The following activities are the primary focus of Siren Dragon Boat (PaddlersHub UAE)


A surfski is essentially a sit-on-top kayak and is designed so that if flooded with water the boat is able to drain itself, and it is easy to remount. Surfski, like any kayaking activity is a watersport that involves paddling using a double-sided paddle. Surfski began as a specialized form of surf lifesaving and has evolved into a fast-growing international sport. The boats come in a variety of sizes and types, depending on their intended use. The boat sits low in the water and usually accommodates a single paddler, but double surfskis are common and there are even some three seaters.

Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP)

Stand up paddle board is a water sport that has evolved from surfing. It is a board that floats on the water and is propelled by paddling whilst standing on top. SUP offers amazing health benefits, is a great full-body muscle workout and gets you outside while having fun.

Dragon Boating

The Dragon Boat is a long displacement boat of an open design, which is a paddled water craft. Modern Dragon Boats are made of fibre-glass or other composite materials. Dragon Boats when swamped or capsized, will not sink but will float just below the surface. Dragon boats are designed to seat one drummer, one steerer (Helm) and normally from 10 - 20 paddlers, depending on the size of Dragon Boat being raced. The control of a dragon boat is left to the Steerer (Helm) who must be able to control the direction of the boat and avoid collisions on the course.


Warren van der Merwe - Super Sports Academies Managing Director

Jason Mackenzie - Sport manager, instructor, paddler Siren Dragon Boat Managing Director

Alison Cook - Field Operation manager, sport manager, instructor, paddler

Krisztian Bartfai - Volunteer, sport manager, former professional athlete / World Champion / Olympian, kayak instructor

Shaughn Morton- Volunteer, sport manager, kayak instructor

Dr. Adam Pali - Volunteer, emergency doctor/ Dubai Hospital, paddler

Laszlo Polgar - Volunteer, engineer, kayak instructor

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