Braca Slalom Rocky 4 Paddle

Brača Canoe Slalom Rocky 4 is the latest addition to the slalom line. It was designed together with Fabien Lefevre (world champion three times in canoe slalom and four times in kayak slalom), who became world champion in 2014 with the Brača Slalom Rocky 1.

“The Rocky IV is the product of a two years project including the 3D computer modeling technology where ideas have been mixed up from the best canoe paddles to create the best compromise for canoe slalom. It is always a pleasure to work with Brača’s industrial processes in terms of construction for a total confidence regarding the stiffness, weight and durability of my paddles.
More technically, The blade is thinner than the initial Rocky allowing a cleaner use in the water for both cross bow and draw strokes. The grip occurs earlier for forward strokes and also allows more efficiency in tight angles turning near the slalom poles.“

Slalom shafts are available in fixed (non-adjustable) construction only, and they have a special geometry to make them very light and stiff. For stiffness details see the parameter table below.

Available Options and Technical Parameters: click here


Dhs. 1,950.00
Blade Size :
Shaft :
Handle Canoe T wooden (Ømm) :

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