Nelo Cover: Surfski 5xx series
A cover is a necessity for your surfski. This Nelo cover has a modern design with vibrant colors. Protect your surfski in a more stylish approach.  Cover for surfski boats. Fits 520, 520XL, 520S, 550ML, 550L, 560M, 560ML, 560L Has...
Dhs. 480.00
Nelo Leg Leash: Downwind Black
Dhs. 220.00
Nelo Leg Leash: Downwind - Black
Downwind brand leg leash. Easy release velcro leg strap.
Dhs. 220.00
Nelo Paddle Lab Boat Resistor
Adjustable (up to 3 different levels) resistor to improve technique and develop specific strength on paddling or rowing. Less
Dhs. 35.00
Nelo paddle protection: Surfski
Adhesive transparent boat protection to discreetly protect the boat from hard blade hits. 
Dhs. 19.00
Set of Two Cable Stretcher
Set of Two Surfski Rudder Lines/Adjusters.  Simple and easy to adjust, the lines are made of a UHMWPE material and have fantastic abrasion resistance and low friction. The latest version has stainless screws. Direct replacement for all 2018 and later Nelo surfskis,...
Dhs. 49.00
Nelo Paddle Sleeve (half shaft cover)
The coolest and comfiest paddle sleeve you’ll get. Super affordable and the must-have item to protect your paddles.   
Dhs. 100.00
Nelo Foot Rest: Surfski
Foot Rest for surfski - Angle and depth adjustment!
Dhs. 259.00
Nelo Foot Rest: Surfski Carbon
Carbon Foot Rest for surfski - Angle and depth adjustment. 
Dhs. 445.00
Nelo Rudder: Surfski
Standard size lightweight carbon rudder, best for downwind conditions. Fits all Nelo surfski models and is easily changed in under a minute using the onboard hex tool. *Note some Nelo models require shortening of the top of the shaft to...
Dhs. 140.00
Paddle Sleeve (half shaft cover)
The coolest and comfiest paddle sleeve you’ll get. Super affordable and the must-have item to protect your paddles. Fabric: Adjustable & super stretchy rib-knit. Lightweight: Super comfortable to carry around  
Dhs. 79.00
Nelo Paddle Grip
Nelo and Ach. Brito have developed a hand-wash soap based on pumice that prevents your hands from slipping off your paddle
Dhs. 15.00
Nelo Footrest Support Rails: Surfski
Nylon support rails, direct replacement for 2018 and later surfski models. Includes 4 screws. Depending on whether you paddle  your boat exclusively (as opposed to many people constantly moving the footrest) these rails can develop a bow which hinders smooth...
Dhs. 39.00
Nelo Long Sleeve: Fuchsia
The Nelo Long Sleeve is the result of more than 40 years of knowledge and experience acquired in the most real paddling conditions.
Dhs. 85.00
Nelo Bailer: Surfski
Removing water from the surf ski always is a concern for all paddlers as less water means less weight to move around. That's why at Nelo we developed the new Nelo Surfski Bailer. This new intuitive and easy-to-use bailer can...
Dhs. 175.00
Nelo Rudder Hatch: Surfski 2020 Black
Dhs. 50.00
Nelo Rudder Hatch: Surfski 2020 - Black
Rudder hatch for the 2020 Surfski line.
Dhs. 50.00
Nelo Plastic paddle
Plastic paddle blades with alu shaft. One pair. Black colour.
Dhs. 450.00
Nelo Rudder: Surfski Small
Ultralight carbon rudder. Fits all surfski models. Recommended for smaller models, especially on flat water where less turning is needed.
Dhs. 150.00
Nelo Seat: Ultra low
100% Epoxy Carbon Flat seat. Flat and long classic design. This model fits all Nelo K1/K2/K4 Nelo Vanquish, Scorpion and Moskito Series, and also Nelo Viper, Razor and FW2000 equipped originally with a platform. Screws and rails not included. Weight...
Dhs. 305.00
Nelo Seat rails: Extra Low
Pair of extra-low rails to attach the seat to the platform (for the new platforms). It gives you a better balance in the boat.  Note - Screws Included.
Dhs. 89.00
Nelo Seat rails
Pair of rails to attach the seat to the platform (for the new platforms).Weight: 0.160kg
Dhs. 89.00

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