Kajner paddle assembly
The Kajner paddles are designed to be easily adjusted to different user heights and are available in a 2-piece model. The first step is to assemble the shaft and blade. After assembling these parts, the height of the blade is adjusted...
Dhs. 50.00
Kajner SUP Paddles
Dhs. 940.00 Dhs. 790.00
Kajner SUP Paddles
This is a  specially developed light weight  carbon paddle for this relatively new paddle sport. It’s light  weight carbon construction much reduces loading of shoulders.  Available with fixed  or adjustable shafts.  Size  Length(mm)  Width(mm)  Area(cm2)  Weight(g)  Offered to: SUP 430...
Dhs. 940.00 Dhs. 790.00
Braca Stand Up Kahana Adjustable Paddle
Brača Stand Up Kahana has a slightly smaller blade area than our original Malibu shape, but it is also relatively wider, which gives extra stability throughout the stroke. It is a good choice for the recreational and the competitive athletes alike....
Dhs. 2,780.00
Braca Stand Up Maui Adjustable Paddle
Brača Stand Up Maui was designed specifically for racing with excellent control and stability throughout the stroke. It has a very firm catch due to the straight end of the blade. The parallel edges optimize the blade area and the specially...
Dhs. 2,790.00
Braca Stand Up Marlin Adjustable Paddle
Brača Stand Up Marlin has a rounded contour and no spine, which gives better control in the rough ocean conditions. The special spoon shape of the blade facilitates an excellent catch and stability throughout the stroke. You can also choose the...
Dhs. 2,780.00

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