Dibba-Oman Kayak Trip with Ivan Lawer1-2-3 March 2024 reserve a limited spot

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Come & discover the gems of Oman. Dibba/Musandam is one of the most wonderful places along the shoreline of Oman. The loveliness of the place is indeed amazing, and a journey to this haven is truly worthwhile.

2-night Surfski and Dhow trip

Paddlerhub’s 2-night Surfski and Dhow trip is happening this March. Come & discover the gems of Musandam. Musandam Dibba is one of the most wonderful places along the shoreline of Oman. Musandam Dibba is a highly sought-after vacation spot because of its spectacular area and majestic mountains. The beauty of the place is truly amazing, and a journey to this haven is worthwhile.

enjoy the treasures of the nature

Only 1 hour and 50 minutes from Dubai Offshore Sailing Club (DOSC) to Dibba Dhow Port; you may enjoy riding the waves of the dhow or the speedboat for several hours a day. Campfire, camping, live BBQ, and fresh fish from the sea on the first night—a day full of paddling among the Oman mountains and fjords; swimming, snorkeling; dolphin watching; fishing, banana rides, viewing old Omani villages, and much more.

Family-friendly trip

It's a family-friendly trip for all abilities; even non-paddlers are welcome for a unique opportunity of sea adventures. You may paddle as much as you want or as little as it feels good. Kids are welcome; they will enjoy fishing, campfire sleeping in tents, banana rides, marshmallows, and much more.
Itinerary information
Check list
Cancellation policy
What are the rules for tourists in Oman?
We specialize in leading adventurous ocean kayaking trips.
Most excursions teach paddling technique and the safety of a deep-water remount.
We can get you to areas that are very difficult to access when organized individually.
We pay attention to detail ... whether it’s the food we serve, the equipment we provide or the risk management we practice.
Your guides are rescue and first aid/resuscitation trained and have excellent local knowledge.
It's a family-friendly trip for all abilities; even non-paddlers are welcome for a unique opportunity of sea adventures.
Date of the tour: 1-2-3 March 2024

Please make sure that you have a valid passport (must be valid for more than 6 months).

For UAE resindences: Visa and Passport copy
For non UAE residences: Passport copy

must be sent electronically until 25th February to the address below:
Price of the tour:
- With your own Surfski and equipments: 2200 AED
- With rented Surfski and equipments from Paddlershub: 3100 AED
- Accompanying spouses, friends, family members (adult and over 6 years of age): 1250 AED
- Accompanying kids (up to 6 years old): 800 AED
Book now and enjoy the 15% early bird discount!(the discount is automatically deducted during the check out process)

What's Included
- 2-night Dhow cruise from Dibba Oman
- Oman Visa
- 2-night accommodation (camp and dhow)
- Coaching assistance during the trip
- Surfski transport with Paddlershub trailers
- 5 full all-you-can-eat buffets for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
- All gears for camping and sleeping on the dhow.
- Unlimited non-alcoholic drinks including coffee, tea, juice, soft drink coffee and water.
- Fruits
- Basic toilet and shower facilities

What’s Not Included
- Transport (Dubai-Oman-Dubai)
- Alcoholic drinks
- Kayaks/surfskis: Please book for the package if you want us to provide you with a surfski

The booking deadline is 25th February.
Day 1
- 10am Leaving Dubai in your own cars
- 12pm Oman Border meeting for all participants
Meeting point: https://maps.app.goo.gl/SYJa1sgEjr54yXjB9
- 12:30pm Crossing the border together. Arriving at Oman Dibba Port. Loading all gears onto the dhow and offloading Kayaks from Paddlershub trailer.
- 2pm Leaving the Dibba port on Kayaks or dhow as you wish for a 1-hour paddle to the campsite. Enjoy swimming and the sea in the sunset.
- 4pm Arrive at the campsite on the beach; loading gears to speedboat from dhow and setting up camp.
- 5:30pm Live BBQ and campfire
- 8pm onwards - spending the night at the pre-arranged campside (all gears provided)

Day 2
- 7am waking up at the camp
- 8am Paddling in the Fjord. Optional
- 9am Breakfast
- Post Breakfast: Musandam cave and Natural cave visit with stops and washride for about an hour (1.5 hours)
- 1pm Buffet Lunch on Dhow
- 1pm-3pm free time; swimming, snorkeling; fishing; rest
- 3pm Afternoon paddle along the Oman Mountains visiting. Speed boat and dhow washride till dinner time. (1.5 hours)
- 6pm Buffet dinner on dhow
- 7pm Sleeping under the stars on the dhow. All gears provided.

Day 3
- 8am Breakfast on dhow
- 1-2-hour boat drive back to Dibba port. Use your Kayak or relax on the dhow.
- 1pm Arriving to Dibba Port
- 2pm Leaving Oman Dibba for Dubai

We reserve the right to make changes to the program.
The following suggestions are worth considering:

- slippers
- sport shoes
- neoprene booties (for warmth and rocky beaches)
- long and short paddling pants (this can be a thinner UV filter, it can be quick-drying or thin neoprene - contact us if you need gear)
- paddling T-shirt with long sleeves/ short sleeves / sleeveless (can be thinner with UV filter, dries quickly)
- paddling wind jacket or vest (not absoluteoly necessary but nice to have)
- paddling cap or broadf brimmed hat
- other clothing - something warm for the evenings

- Basic camping stuff (Sleeping bag, camping pillow, camping tent, headlamp, ect.) - optional
- PFD (life jacket) - if you have your own and wish to bring it, do so by all means.
- waterproof phone case with mobile phone (charged before each paddling to contact, navigate)
- bottle / drinking bag
- leash (leg-or paddle-leash) - that is, a leash that connects you to the boat or paddle - again one will be provided but you are welcome to use your own.
- waterproof/dry bag - not absolutely necessary but bring yours if you have one.
- quick-dry towel
- UV cream (for ears, face, lips, hands and, especially, feet!)
- sports watch (do not leave your charger at home)
- polarized sunglasses with UV filter
- documents packed in an easy-to-read and accessible pouch
- chargers, batteries, cables

Dubai Power Plugs:
- power sockets in Dubai GENERALLY SPEAKING are TYPE G. That is, the rectangular, 3-pin socket like you would find in the UK
- Dubai and all of the United Arab Emirates operate between a 220V-240V supply voltage and 50Hz.
If you cancel the trip until 16th February: 70% refund

If you cancel the trip until 24th February: 10% refund

If you cancel the trip after 24th February: no refund
Oman is an Islamic country. Respect local traditions, customs, laws and religions at all times.
Don't use or carry illegal drugs. Severe penalties for drug offences include the death sentence. Possessing even a small amount attracts a minimum 12 month jail sentence.
Get professional legal advice if you're involved in legal matters, especially family or business law. You may not be allowed to leave Oman if you're involved in a dispute, have legal proceedings underway or unpaid debts.
Oman has strict laws on public speech, including on social media. It also has a strict code of behaviour. Don't disrespect Islam. Take care during Ramadan and Shia festivals. Avoid eating, drinking or smoking in public during Ramadan.
You may not be allowed to enter Oman from Yemen without prior approval.
If your passport contains evidence of entry to Israel, or another country's border crossing points with Israel, authorities will deny you entry to Oman.
The local currency is the Omani Rial (OMR).
Dehydration and heat stroke are a risk during summer. Drink plenty of water. Avoid long periods in the heat.
If you plan to bring medication, check if it's legal in Oman by visiting the Omani Ministry of Health (https://www.moh.gov.om/en/) website or the Oman airports website .
Take enough legal medication for your trip.

In case of emergency, call 9999

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