Stand up paddle board is a water sport that has evolved from surfing. It is a board that floats on the water and is propelled by paddling whilst standing on top. SUP offers amazing health benefits, is a great full-body muscle workout and gets you outside while having fun. Sounds good right? It’s better to share the experience with your family or group of friends and possibly make new friends through it.

Family & SUP

Join us for a great water program and enjoy the water with your family and meet other SUP lovers. SUP is one of the fastest growing water sports, as it is an enjoyable, inclusive sport and fun for young and old alike. You will receive professional training from the Paddlershub UAE team who have a wealth of experience and a huge passion for SUP! Whether you live here or just vacation, this is a perfect activity with the family. Join us for our next family event or even request a quote for our personalized family activities.
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