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Dubai is one of the busiest and most exciting cities in the world. Not here not only on the usual land roads, but also from the water, you can admire this stunning city and discover the unique side of the city, its hidden canals or the side of the high seas. The water is calm, flat and glassy, ​​thanks to the rowing before the rest of the city wakes up! Enjoy the spectacular color changes of the sky, the unparalleled sunrise as the dawn light bounces off the water, and then watch as the sun reaches the horizon, illuminating the city skyline, the height of the Burj caliph to the sky, or the sight of the Burj Al Arab up close.

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Staying on the water is an incredible way to start or end any day well and share that experience with others. Start the day at sunrise, then have a good coffee and breakfast with the team. This will definitely start the day well, both physically and spiritually. But if the sunset is more appealing, nothing could be a better conclusion to a great rowing than a light dinner in good company. Choose any one, you can always count on the team!


All you have to do is choose the right package for you. You can choose between our trial package and our package of 5-30 occasions. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced or a professional, we are sure to find the right one for you. When you are paddling confidently, you can join the team from whom you can learn a lot of useful tricks and you are guaranteed to have a great time.

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