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Ivan Lawler : Practice With Professionals

Ivan Lawler and kayaking are old acquaintances, as he did not turn his back on kayaking even after his competitive era (he was a six-time world kayak champion between 1990 and 1999, once in the K2 10,000m sprint, 3 times in the K1 marathon and 2 times in the K2 marathon). He currently focuses primarily on coach training, club leadership, and his own business. We are grateful that Ivan takes the time and attention to visit us from time to time to share with us his extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of kayaking, be it proper use of our body while kayaking, technical refinements, proper equipment setup or joint practice on the water.

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Ivan Lawler’s teaching is both on water and on land. By joining the on land workshop, new and experienced paddlers are able to learn to recognize the right techniques or refine their knowledge. The correct techniques are demonstrated using a “slider” and ergometer, which participants also try out. The technical demonstrations are sometimes supplemented by a doctor's diet, first aid and practical tips on how to identify dangerous conditions (e.g. sunstroke, dehydration). In addition to the onshore technical demonstration, participants can also take part in on-water sessions as part of a small group (maximum of 4 participants) or one-on-on, where they can hone their practical expertise with the help and guidance of Ivan.
Once again PaddlersHub was honored to host legendary marathon kayaker Ivan Lawler in Dubai. Ivan Lawler is a six time world champion. He remained committed to the sport as a manager and coach of coaches both at home and abroad. Ivan continued to share his passion and expertise to aspiring surfski and kayak paddlers in Dubai. He provided theory workshops, land-based training with our latest equipment, plus technique drills and analysis on the water. He shared invaluable insights to our local paddling community.
Thank you Ivan for collaborating with PaddlersHub to share your passion and expertise with our paddlers. We hope to see you again in the near future.
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