kayak camp is not just for kids

Everyone has a good camp story, why not get new ones during our kayak camps. Whether it's a children's holiday camp, an intensive week-long training for adults or even professionals, with us everyone will find the opportunity they like

The experience of camp is for everyone

Our camps offer an opportunity for young and old to learn the basics of kayaking and to develop knowledge and techniques. It is an excellent opportunity for professional athletes to condition, refine their equipment and lay the groundwork for preparing for competitions. The content structure of each group was compiled taking into account three different ages and levels of training. During all our camps, the participants take part in land and water exercises, get acquainted with the safety rules of water sports, the cleanliness of the beaches and the water supply, and in the case of children's camps, supplement and play with handicraft projects. and an exciting quiz. We do all this with the help of our trained - highly qualified, life-saving - and friendly instructors, including Olympians and world-class guest instructors, with our modern, high-quality equipment.
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