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PaddlersHubUAE is committed to providing our young people of today with the opportunity to experience outdoor activities, especially on the water - kayak, surfski, stand up paddleboard and dragon boat. Kids learn the correct techniques from coaches who have competed at the highest levels. These techniques are valid for all types of paddle activities. Kids learn teamwork, mutual support and love of exercise and competition. Entertainment ( and safety ) are vital parts of any youth education program in and around the water. These children represent not only the future of paddling, but are also the future guardians of our waterways and oceans.

Why Paddlershub?

Our programs are in general, one-hour sessions that include warm-up, water and waterfront activities, joint preparation of equipment at the beginning and cleaning/packing away at the end of the lessons. Our kayak lessons offer the perfect opportunity for your child to have fun, make friends and learn a valuable skill. They will participate in one of the fastest growing, healthiest and most exhilarating sports on the globe.

Our Equipment

We use craft designed specifically for children from the age of 4 years old. Children use one of the “yellow shark”, “green alligator” or “blue eagle” kayaks to make the activity fun and colourful. In each case, we choose a kayak that suits the age and abilities of the child. Fun and water safety are the primary goals while kids learn the basics of kayaking/surfski paddling. Kids always leave these classes excited and craving more.


All you have to do is choose the right package for your child/children. You can choose from our package of 5-30 occasions. Whether you are a beginner, advanced or professional child, we are sure to find the right one for your child. We provide +1 occasion for a minimum of 10 suitable packages free of charge. To book a free trial, contact us at one of our contact details and show your child this great sporting opportunity.

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Kids Kayak Squad

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Paddlershub HQ / Jumeirah 2

Dubai Offshore Sailing Club / DOSC

Timing and arrival
Useful information
First steps
During training
End of the sessions
- Friday at 5pm - 6pm / Location: Jumeirah 2 https://maps.app.goo.gl/vic5FeHavfKZkMCG9
- Sunday at 7:30am - 8:30am / Location: DOSC https://maps.app.goo.gl/LjCuVFjJHcB6zLV76

- please arrive at least 10 minutes in advance - there will be a supervised soft start/free play beforehand
- if you are late please let us know
- during the week you can park for free in the DOSC car (at the entrance you must give the name of the child and show her/his QR code)
- meeting place is on the beach by the sunbeds
A prerequisite for participation is confident swimming.
If the weather does not allow us to conduct the session, we will let you know through the app or via WhatsApp. Please always check the current news before leaving home.
- swimsuit/trunks, towel/poncho
- water bottle (you can refill it at DOSC), snack
- sun protection - cap, sunscreen, UV protective top
- kids meet with their coaches
- coaches scan the children’s QR codes (start of the session)
- discuss the plan for the lesson (2-3 min)
- gather equipments (everyone gets a life jacket and paddle, or you can also use your own)
- parents can wait in the cafe or on the beach
- each child gets their own boats
- 1 child per coach in the beginner group (for the first few sessions as needed)
- 3-4 children per coach in the junior group
- 4-5 children per coach in the advanced group
- boats and equipment is washed
- equipment is packed away
- coaches scan the children’s QR codes (end of the session)
- time permitting play together in the water or on the beach
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