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We are gearing up for summer and finalizing another order for a container of NELO surfskis (or any other boats in the Nelo range) and due to the happy coincidence of a downhill slide of the Euro we are able to keep our previous discounts and prices despite the factory prices rising significantly.

Nelo surfski WWR construction

The standard construction, WWR, which is light and strong, still allows some customization of the colour scheme which we can help with. It also has excellent stiffness, durability and repairability.

The price for this current shipment will be AED 9900 total for fully committed orders for the WWR.

Nelo surfski SCS construction

SCS construction, Nelo’s full Olympic standard construction. Lighter and stiffer than the WWR, it fits in between the WWR and Air in terms of weight. One advantage of the SCS is a near limitless array of customization options. If you haven’t seen one of these send us a message and we’ll share some examples.

We are currently offering a 20% early bird discount of
AED 12900 on Air and SCS boats.

Nelo surfski 540/550/560/Viper

The 540 continues to do very well here, it is truly a great boat for paddlers who are ready to make the step from a beginners boat to something more long term. Comfortable, stable and with more than enough speed to satisfy most of us.

The Viper 46, another completely new ski, has been a bit of a surprise packet - a very modern look from a proven K1 hull, actually performs way better in Dubai’s ocean conditions than was thought possible. Short and maneuverable, a perfect Sanipex Series boat for many of DOP’s paddlers.

As many of you have seen and paddled the nelo surfski product range will know - all are either brand new or completely redesigned hulls and the 550ML and all 560 models especially are noticeably more stable than the 2018 versions. The latest 560 now has very comparable stability to the Elite S.

Nelo surfski Air

The new Air construction is our wow boat - only 8.5kg. This has been specifically developed for surfski paddling over many years and we are excited to have them coming. Only 5 colours so your design choices are unusually simple compared to other Nelos. This is the same price as the high end SCS.


Order process is minimum 60% deposit (price guaranteed until the order closes - latest end of August). The remaining 40% on delivery. Bank transfer via a link or Credit cards accepted.

Boats expected in September/October 2022

With everything included (shipping, 3 hours lessons and technical setup etc.) this works out to be a big discount on the world’s premium race kayak and ocean ski brand.

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