Secumar lifejacket - CO₂-SPARE CYLINDER SET

Spare Cylinder Set set for SECUMAR lifejackets containing a CO₂-cylinder, two soluble pills and safety pins (if applicable). SECUMAR cylinders exist in two variations:

  • with bayonet,
  • with screw thread.

Cylinders with bayonet are fitted in the inflation devices SECUMATIC 4001S and SECU 401S. They are named with the suffix “Dock”. Cylinders with screw thread are fitted in the inflation devices SECUMATIC 3001S, SECU 301SM and SECU S31. Additionally the size of the CO₂ cylinder (in grams) is important. It is dependent on the size of the buoyancy chamber of your lifejacket.

Which CO2-cylinder size is fitted in my SECUMAR lifejacket?

The correct cylinder size of your lifejacket is printed in the instructions manual. If that is not at hand, you may also find out the cylinder size (in g) stamped directly on the buoyancy chamber (next to the cylinder inside the protective cover). The fitted inflation device is also named on a label inside the protective cover.

These are the common cylinder sizes used in SECUMAR lifejackets:

  • 16 g – Mini, Survival Mini Duo Protect
  • 20 g – Survival Junior Duo Protect (until DOM 2015)
  • 22 g – Midi, Junior (from DOM 2015)
  • 32 g – 150 N buoyancy chambers
  • 38 g – KSK 20 anti-inversion cushion (small)
  • 43 g – 220 N buoyancy chambers
  • 56 g – 275 N buoyancy chambers
  • 60 g – 275 N buoyancy chambers
  • 75 g – KSK 40 anti-inversion cushion (large)

All SECUMAR CO2-cylinders are 100% weight-tested. The extremely pure carbon dioxide gas (99.95% pure) prevents icing up as well as preventing any delay in its expansion during the inflation process. (applicable for all lifejackets with inflation devices SECUMATIC 3001 S, SECUMATIC 2000 or SECUMATIC 10).


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