EPIC Mid Twist Paddle


The Twist is an all-new paddle series created by Epic to give maximum efficiency for experienced paddlers. The unique shape of the Twist blade provides an aggressive, clean catch, and extremely efficient stroke with a very stable feel in the water. The first paddle introduced in the series, the Mid Twist, grabs the water effectively like a blade with greater surface area – thanks to the enhanced efficiency.

With several years in development and testing, the result is a totally unique, original paddle blade design. The Twist blade enters close to the boat during the catch phase, then flows outward naturally during the power phase of the stroke and exits smoothly. No additional effort is required to create optimal flow of the paddle.

The Mid Twist is a mid-size paddle suitable for the majority of surfski and fitness paddlers, looking for the next step in their progression to increased performance. 

The Twist is a dramatic step forward, when you have a look at one, you will see how different it is, once you paddle with one you will know. Try the Mid Twist and decide for yourself!

Full Carbon 3K shaft LL 205-215 
Blade Width: 6.2” (15.8cm)
Blade Length: 19.3” (49 cm)
Surface Area: 108 sq. inches (700 cm2)

Dhs. 1,790.00

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EPIC Mid Twist Paddle
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