Kajner 4

Kajner 4 is the most popular shape. Its 'tear-drop' shape provides strong and powerful catches and clean exits.

The most popular shape of our times. The “teardrop” shape provides efficient “catch” and good water holding -without slip or flutter-and excellent water “shed”. Easily handled, allowing fast and meaningful work for the majority of kayak paddlers.

This model is made in 7 different sizes, from children’s to strong men’s, giving a choice to select from and to find the optimum equipment required.

 Size  Length(mm)  Width(mm)  Area(cm2)  Weight(g)  Offered to:
XS 420 130 550 570 11-15 years girls, boys
S 450 145 605 580 11-15 years girls, boys
Ms 470 155 656 650 11-15 years girls, boys
M 700 475 157 700 670 Woman prof./Junior
M 485 160 718 710 Woman prof./Junior
L 490 163 750 710 Woman prof./Junior
XLs 500 170 780 780 Man racing prof.
XL 510 170 805 790 Man racing prof.


Our adjustable shafts using “shakle” type clips
New design for our adjustable system as well. The quality is in it’s simplicity; using an “off centre”, stainless steel clamp. The whole fastening system is manufactured in conjunction with the shaft, using carbon prepreg. Do not use other materials, keeping to the simplest of solutions, making it extremely reliable, tool free system. The shaft and clamp contact areas have high friction qualities, to produce high clamping force, at low physical effort. All of our paddles can be ordered with adjustable shafts.

Paddle Maintainance
In the case of fresh water use; dismantle paddle once a week-in case of salt water after each use- and clean shaft contact areas using soap and water. Paddles should be stored in a dismantled for prolonged periods, ie winter. 

Important information - The paddles arrive disassembled

If you want to order the paddle assembled, please add the assembly service to your cart here. In this case, we will contact you after ordering.

If you want to do the assembly, we will provide the necessary glue, and you can find out more about the process in this video.

Dhs. 740.00
Size :

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