Kajner Fix Dragon Paddle

Manufactured to  strict  International Dragon Boat   Association standards. In the interest of better ergonomic application, these are made with oval shafts. Three different style of “T” grips offered.   

Paddle Maintainance 
In the case of fresh water use; dismantle paddle once a week-in case of salt water after each use- and clean shaft contact areas using soap and water. Paddles should be stored in a dismantled for prolonged periods, ie winter.


Important information - The paddles arrive disassembled

If you want to order the paddle assembled, please add the assembly service to your cart here. In this case, we will contact you after ordering.

If you want to do the assembly, we will provide the necessary glue, and you can find out more about the process in this video.

Dhs. 590.00

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Kajner Fix Dragon Paddle
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