The most popular KAPE K1 of striking design for maximum & uncompromised performance.

With a U-shaped & thinned-down bow section the hull works at its best when being driven hard. Inverted bow maximize the length of the waterline and hence the hull speed, reduce the size of the bow wave and has a better overall hydrodynamic drag.

It has solid longitudinal stability for rapid acceleration and minimum pitching movements. The kayak stays level in the water so is able to pick up maximum speed quickly, cleanly and efficiently.

Sharp cut away deck allows for close paddle entries and catches.

High performance footrest with foot strap & traction pad

The footrest is the key & ultimate outfitting of your kayak. It is the main contact point between your lower body and your boat. It transfers the energy generated from your paddle strokes into the forward movement of your kayak through your foot & leg drive. So it has to be solid, reliable and personalized.
We have an advanced & customizable full footrest system adjustable in angle and depth. It is equipped with adjustable foot strap & covered with EVA traction pad for non-slip and increased comfort.

Ergo seat for optimal hip movement

The racing seat is configurable in different heights and angle positions for paddling at your most comfortable sitting position while ensuring optimal hip movement as well.
Alternatively the high back racing seat is for athletes looking for a better grip on the back

Sprint rudder

High performance rudder made of carbon with minimum drag ideal for sprint use.
A specific stainless, low profile marathon rudder against weed and impacts is also available.
Note: rudder shaft (and rudder tube inner) diameter of our racing kayaks is 6mm.

Bulkhead available

A bulkhead (partition) is an upright wall within boat separating watertight compartments so that the capsized boat does not sink. A hatch is placed in the rear bulkhead, mainly to let the rear compartment to dry when not in use and to ventilate the stored boat.
Bulkheads are not installed in flat water racing kayaks as standard, but rear bulkhead can be installed on request if the boat is for club use and will be used by beginners or unstable paddlers.

Athlete weight:
M: 50 - 70 kg
ML: 70 - 80 kg
L: 75 - 85 kg
XL: 85+ kg

Boat details:
Length: 520 cm
Width: 41 cm
Stability level: 1/10
Boat weight: 12 kg
Cockpit size: M: 90 x 38 cm / ML: 92 x 37 cm / L, XL: 95 x 38 cm


All boats are available in multiple constructions. These constructions are set up to meet the needs of each segment of the flat water racing market, from club use to private boats of top-ranking athletes.

Constructions differ in the materials and technologies used during the manufacturing process. These determine the stiffness and the interior appearance of the boat. In practice, an upper construction results a stiffer & more eye-catching boat.

Besides, the standard and available fittings may be also different in some constructions.

CLASSIC: Basic constrution for Club use

  • Sandwich core material
  • Carbon inlay
  • Vinyl ester resin
  • Vacuum bagging (hull)
  • Hand lay-up (deck)
  • Stiffness: 7

EXTRA: Economy carbon constrution for Sprint training

  • Sandwich core material
  • Carbon reinforcement (clear carbon available)
  • Vinyl ester resin
  • Vacuum bagging
  • Stiffness: 8

ULTRA: High performance full carbon constrution for Sprint racing

  • Foam core material
  • Double carbon reinforcement (clear carbon included)
  • Vinyl ester resin
  • Vacuum bagging
  • Stiffness: 10


All boats are made to order. You can choose your preferred colour(s) of the hull, the deck areas, the trim (seam between deck & hull), the cockpit rim (coaming) and the seat.

These deck designs are available in all constructions HERE


Dhs. 9,900.00
Size :
Constructions :

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