A modern and versatile K1 with sleek lines but wider beam and slightly rounded center section designed to reduce wobble giving a welcome stability boost. Very popular for paddlers with a flat water racing background. Using this kayak they can feel the freedom to paddle with comfort, confidence and power again without significantly reducing the speed. The model is also a great intermediate choice for paddlers looking to progress to today’s top racer K1s - or for a club with many such paddlers.

The boat is both constructed and equipped just like a regular racing K1, but a low 2-pin seat for maximum stability is also available to choose.

With same specifications the Falcon Q-Master is also available in a higher (XL) volume for the heavier paddler between 85 and 110 kg.

Athlete weight:
ML: 60 - 85 kg
XL: 85 - 110 kg

Boat details:
Length: 520 cm
Width: 44 cm
Stability level: 3/10
Boat weight: 12 kg
Cockpit size:  94 x 40 cm 


To let us meet the preferences of a wide range of paddlers we offer multiple constructions to choose from. These constructions are set up in line with the requirements of each segment of the flatwater racing market - from youth paddlers to top-ranking athletes, from local clubs to federations - while providing the most favourable quality and price conditions for that specific group of users.

CLASSIC: Basic constrution for Club use

  • Sandwich core material
  • Carbon inlay
  • Vinyl ester resin
  • Vacuum bagging (hull)
  • Hand lay-up (deck)
  • Stiffness: 7

EXTRA: Economy carbon constrution for Sprint training

  • Sandwich core material
  • Carbon reinforcement (clear carbon available)
  • Vinyl ester resin
  • Vacuum bagging
  • Stiffness: 8

ULTRA: High performance full carbon constrution for Sprint racing

  • Foam core material
  • Double carbon reinforcement (clear carbon included)
  • Vinyl ester resin
  • Vacuum bagging
  • Stiffness: 10


All boats are made to order. You can choose your preferred colour(s) of the hull, the deck areas, the trim (seam between deck & hull), the cockpit rim (coaming) and the seat.

These deck designs are available in all constructions HERE


Dhs. 9,900.00
Size :
Constructions :

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