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Kayak Sprint Online Level 3 Coaching Course


The newly designed Canoe-Kayak Sprint Online Coaching Course Level 3 with the cooperation of the International Canoe Federation has developed a 3 months distance learning education (on-line) program. This variation of educational platform helps the participants to follow the coaching programme with more flexibility, mainly from their 
own home environment. The distance learning programme takes advantage of the highly developed information and computer technology (ICT) and applies the MOODLE system (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment). This system gives the opportunity and method for coaches to study at their own pace without interrupting their busy agenda in his/her residence.

The Canoe-Kayak Sprint Online Coaching Course Level 3 is designed to train and educate coaches from around the World. The programme attempts to promote and develop excellence in coaching canoe-kayak sprint sport. The Canoe-Kayak Sprint Online Coaching Course Level 3 provides coaches with a systematic way to improve their knowledge, skills and competencies in theoretical, technical and practical aspects of coaching leading up to eligibility for taking responsibility over a team of coaches.

The curriculum of the theoretical modules of Canoe-Kayak Sprint Online Coaching Course Level 3 deals with the art and science of coaching with relevant specifications to Canoe-Kayak sport.
The content of the theory modules includes the following subjects:

  • Exercise Physiology
  • Training Theory and Methodology
  • Sport Psychology
  • Sport Management
  • Sport Pedagogy
  • Biomechanics

Programme start: October 10, 2022
Programme end: December 12, 2022


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Kayak Sprint Online Level 3 Coaching Course
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