KayakPro Xeon Kayak Ergometer

Xeon is KayakPro’s heavy-use and affordable Kayak Ergometer, designed for high input use by clubs and professionals. 

Xeon’s robust Steel and Aluminium construction and adjustable resistance, allows ease of use and adjustment. It is the “Gold standard” of Kayak Ergometers.

Unlike other products on the market Xeon Kayak Ergometer replicates Kayaking precisely. Similar low-cost alternatives whilst appearing similar are not.

Xeon gives a true feel of on-the-water paddling. That is precisely why over 150 World, European and Olympic Champions use Xeon.

The brand-new technological advances also allow you to upgrade and Integrate your KayakPro® Xeon ergometer with the new Genesis Port Bluetooth smart console to have full interactivity from your Phone or tablet with connection to the groundbreaking Kinomap application.

Dhs. 15,900.00

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KayakPro Xeon Kayak Ergometer
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