Kid's Paddling Camp - Spring 2024

Paddle camp for kids 6 to 16 years old.
Timing: 1-5 April 8:30am-11:00am

Location: DOSC (Dubai Offshore Sailing Club)

Activities incudes SUP, kayaking, dragon boating, snorkelling, swim-rescue, beach clean up, games, fitness and more.

Needs: goggles, mask and snorkel, wetsuit (optional but definitely worth it! We have some available to purchase), sunblock, water bottles, towel. Good vibes and positive attitude!

You can book a full camp week or you can put into the cart as many days as you would like to.

Come and paddle with us!
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Please send us your child/children's name and age by email or Whatsapp after successful booking, so that morning registration will be faster and easier.

Dhs. 1,300.00 Dhs. 200.00
Timing :

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