Kayaks rental

Boat details: Nelo: 400 / 510 / 520 / 540 / 550 / 560 / K1 / Viper

Selecting the right boat with the help of our colleagues is arranged based on prior consultation via phone or text. The availability of boats is based on our current inventory.

Please note:

  • Minimum renter age is 18+.
  • 500dhs deposit required which is refunded after the rental
  • Please find our waiver form at this link
    Take a moment to read the information carefully. After reviewing, kindly fill it out and sign the document before the session. It is mandatory for participation in the sessions.

You can rent a surfski from us with or without accessories:

  • rental without accessories= boat insurance
  • rental with accessories = boat, insurance, paddle, pfd, leash

Delivery required (AED150) contact us.

Dhs. 190.00
Style :
Material :

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