Braca Slalom Rocky 4 Paddle
Brača Canoe Slalom Rocky 4 is the latest addition to the slalom line. It was designed together with Fabien Lefevre (world champion three times in canoe slalom and four times in kayak slalom), who became world champion in 2014 with...
Dhs. 1,950.00
Braca Slalom Rocky 1&2 Paddle
Brača Canoe Slalom Rocky was engineered using advanced kinetic, biomechanical and material science concepts to produce the strongest and lightest paddle possible, matching the performance and durability requirements of a vast variety of athletes. The blade has a CNC machined, though,...
Dhs. 1,950.00
Braca Slalom Sjoa Paddle
Brača Slalom Sjoa is the new line of Brača kayak slalom and freestyle paddles designed and engineered to enable very fast and effective management of the strokes and maneuverability. This design facilitates the ultimate control of the stroke in every phase....
Dhs. 2,050.00
Braca Slalom Soca Paddle
Brača Slalom Soča is the line of Brača kayak slalom paddles designed and engineered to enable fast, firm and smooth insertion into the water and extremely efficient strokes. The blade has a unique spoon-leaf shape with sharp edges; CNC machined, though,...
Dhs. 2,050.00

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