History of BRAČA-SPORT

Since 1991 BRAČA-SPORT has been manufacturing high-quality equipment for a wide variety of paddling sports. Our mission is to design, develop and produce the best performing paddle for every paddler. Given that each paddler has different needs, we believe that each paddle should be uniquely designed. Using the latest technology and insight from the world’s top-level coaches and athletes, our company has continued to research and develop new designs that cater to the needs of paddlers worldwide for every canoeing discipline: Canoe Polo, Dragon Boat, Flatwater, Freestyle, Marathon Canoeing, Ocean Racing, Outrigger, Slalom, Surfski, Touring, and Wildwater. With a total of 90 different types of canoe and kayak blades available in over 8500 configurations, we guarantee that we have the right paddle for everyone.

Our uniqueness derives from the fact that we produce our own raw carbon fabrics and materials for our paddles. Our fine-grain unidirectional high modulus carbon (HMC) fabrics are manufactured and layered right in our factories. We’ve come up with an original blend of composite fibers and epoxy resin, as well as our own layering methods to deliver products of ultimate durability, flexibility and precision.

We take pride in our many innovations — most notably, the ‘tear-drop’ blade concept, which redefined paddle performance and has become the industry standard blade form. We were also the first to develop and produce paddles specifically designed for children and youth, as well as those for recreational and senior paddlers. We are constantly developing our products based on the feedback from our broad customer community ranging from hobby paddlers to world class athletes.

Quick Facts

Original inventor of the 'tear-drop' concept.
The only manufacturer to engineer and produce carbon fabrics and paddles.
World's first and only mechanical energy paddle.
More than 300 years of combined engineering experience, including aerospace, advanced composite materials science, biomechanics and kinetics, chemical, electrical, mechanical and computer systems engineering
Built to suit different styles, techniques and physical characteristics of each paddler. First to develop and produce paddles specifically designed for children and youth.
First and only manufacturer to develop and use proprietary UV epoxy gelcoat.
Designer, developer and producer of the largest paddle selection in the world.

Braca Paddles

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